Design Philosophy

We focus on architecture as functional art. As Solar Environmental Architects, we embrace a wide scope of appropriate technologies to design buildings that respond to the individual client’s needs, the site, the climate and the regional character. We have the experience and the vision to help create exactly what you are looking for, whether it’s a beautiful home or corporate complex, located in a desert, the mountains, a coastal environment, or a cityscape.

Each individual project is carefully evaluated to integrate sustainability, low maintenance, high value and an aesthetic response. Beauty and function are the basics we use to create architecture that is responsible to the human needs and the principles of nature. We involve our clients as part of the design “team” along with engineers, contractors, technology, construction, and materials experts. Our goal is to evolve the best synergistic design to fit your building site and the needs of your project. Here are a few of the “touchstones” we use in the design of each project:

Sustainability – Non-resource depleting
Environmental Friendliness – In harmony with the natural environment
Sculptural – Interesting and satisfying form
Functional Art – That which is aesthetically pleasing and performs a job
Organic – Deriving from natural forms and materials
Self Sufficiency – Reliance on internal rather than external resources
Energy Independence – Independence from off-site sources
Vernacular Responsive – Local prevailing style and contextural relations
Climate Responsive – Taking advantage of, and designing for local weather and micro-climate factors
Human Scale – Buildings that relate to both individual person and group sense of proportion

Not all of these touchstones are necessarily critical to an individual project. However, we have found that when at least considered and discussed during the design process, the end result is more satisfactory to everyone involved. If we, as humans, design our built environment in harmony with the natural environment and the rules of nature, we have a better chance of survival, happiness and contentment with our lives.