We specialize in designing fine custom homes. David is an environmental architect who is a pioneer in passive solar and sustainable architecture, creating buildings that heat and cool themselves naturally. He has designed everything from award winning homes to condominiums and office buildings. We offer finely crafted custom home designs as well as predesigned plans, with completed projects in most states across the country.  We’re sure there’s something here that will interest you. Welcome and start clicking!plans-for-sale-4

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We have used David Wright, AIA for the design and construction of three buildings at our ranch, our passive solar home of 2000 sq. ft. a shop/office building of 1000 sq. ft. and magnificent concert hall of 3000 sq. ft. We used the architect’s recommended contractor for the home and shop, and the architect’s recommended construction coordinator for the concert hall. All the buildings were built to the architects and engineer’s drawings with frequent consultation between the architect and the contractor and construction coordinator. The home performs stupendously, we use 50 gallons of propane a year, that’s just for cooking. Buildings were built between 2001 with the last one signed off in 2008. We are completely happy with our long-term relationship with the architect and our buildings.

Bill T. Nevada City, CA

Project Examples

David Wright has over 30 years experience designing private residences, commercial & institutional structures, custom homes and remodels and additions. Click here to see some examples of our projects.



We focus on architecture as functional art. As Solar Environmental Architects, we embrace a wide scope of appropriate technologies to design buildings that respond to the individual client’s needs, the site, the climate and the regional character.

Solar Design

As an early pioneer in passive solar design, David has designed solar architecture for virtually all climate zones and has authored three books which have helped define the principles of architectural climate design and the types of architectural solutions which are the mainstream concepts today.