Architectural Style

We appreciate a wide range of architectural styles. Our taste in architecture is like our taste in music, art and food; if it’s good we like it. We particularly enjoy the fusion of compatible individual styles like California Mission and Japanese, “Zen-Mex” or “Victorian High-Tech.” You name it!

Depending on the client’s taste, environmental responsiveness, and local suitability, each architectural solution will incorporate a different look and feel. Each project is an original and unique response to the philosophy of team design, environmental sensibility and vernacular (local prevailing style) sensitivity.

While we have spoken primarily of “residential” scale styles, we have also designed hospitals, schools, churches, meeting halls, restaurants, condominiums, resort buildings, offices, dormitories and wineries. Our interest in architectural style is of course integral to each type of building or complex of buildings. Whether new, a remodel, or an addition to an existing building, the style is derived by team approach and mutual satisfaction.

There are many descriptions of architectural images that we have designed, here are a few of the style variations that we enjoy:

Farm House
South Western

Mission Style
Pueblo Style
Prairie Style
New England
Cape Cod

High Tech
Post Modern
Mountain Lodge

Levin Residence — Auburn, California