Build with SIPs in Mother Earth News

SIPDavid wrote an article entitled “Build with SIPs” for Mother Earth News which is on page 56 of the August/September 2012 issue. The article discusses what Structural Insulated Panels are, and the advantages and disadvantages of building with this advanced construction technology. SIPs have been used around the world for decades and are now gaining in popularity in the United States due to the need for greater energy efficiency in the built environment.
The bottom line is that SIPs can cost up to 20% more than conventional framing, but framing only accounts for about 10% of the construction cost in residences. However, that investment is more than offset by the speed of erection, increased energy efficiency, strength, and quality of the weather skin. Today around 80% of David’s projects are built using SIPs either for the roof or both the roof and walls. SIPs are always used for the roof when he designs houses that are built from rammed earth, adobe or straw bales.

You can find the article here: Build with SIPs.